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Nordic Yacht Clubs - Logbook
  Tuesday April 17th 2007, 12:55
 Name:    Johan Lindberg
 From:    Sibbo, Finland
 Comments:    All links are checked today and are working
  Tuesday February 28th 2006, 23:47
 Name:    Daniel Enquist
 From:    Spain
 Comments:    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a Nauticat 38 for rent in Stockholm, Sweden or where I could go to find one. Kindest regards.
  Sunday February 26th 2006, 13:17
 Name:    Kjell Svanholm
 From:    Sweden
 Comments:    Great site this. Göta SS have changed its domain to http://www.gotasegelsallskap.se Keep up the good work.

Thanks! The domain for Göta SS has been updated
  Thursday September 29th 2005, 21:05
 Name:    Hogge
 From:    Sweden
 Comments:    Nice site. Great work. I miss Jodaklubben tho. Its a new site for owners of Joda boats. www.medrix.se/jodaklubben

Sorry, but I have decided to focus on yacht clubs only. NYC is a hobby of mine and I try to focus on the clubs to provide good links within a smaller area rather than a lot of non-working links on a broader area.
(I have made an exception on magazines and sailmakers as they are links that interest people/me during the wintertime)

  Monday September 26th 2005, 14:32
 Name:    Richard
 From:    New Jersey
 Comments:    Nice site!, gonna visit some clubs on my next trip to Finland.
  Monday September 26th 2005, 09:20
 Name:    Charles Magumbo
 From:    USA
 Comments:    Very well done site; interesting to learn about clubs on the other side of the Atlantic.
  Wednesday August 17th 2005, 19:57
 Name:    boottech
 From:    austria
 Comments:    Bow thrusters for outward mounting – My boat is 26 ft. long. Because I couldn’t find a fitting bow thruster I was forced to build one myself, which resulted in a patent. Would you like to test it? We are looking for boats (various models) from 22 to 30 ft. for testing purposes, just get in touch with us (please include the boat-label and year of construction). Furthermore we will raffle 20 bow thrusters for the 2006 season! www.boottech.com
  Monday August 8th 2005, 08:55
 Name:    eddy krieger
 From:    sydney australia
 Comments:    nice to see that so many yacht clubs are under the one roof so to speak. We are looking for adventurous sailors who would like to follow the whales from sydney to the great barrier reef in May 2006.the event is to raise money for marine conservation as well a to allow the opportunity for sailors to experience the thrill of sailing on one of three 60ft ketch and follow the yearly migration of the whales. Contact me if interested: eddyk@charitychallenge.com.au. tel +61 408 547 138
  Sunday August 7th 2005, 23:38
 Name:    Pär
 From:    Gbg SWE
 Comments:    Jättebra sida,denna och mycket annat hittar du på "Folkbåtsväder" http://www.geocities.com/prbjrfjll/
  Saturday July 30th 2005, 20:21
 Name:    Thomas Hanson
 From:    Sweden
 Comments:    Hej Erik. jag fick syn på denna sidan på nätet det var trevligt att se ditt namn över halva Amerika MVH Thomas ( I am Eriks cousin)
  Tuesday July 26th 2005, 20:39
 Name:    Juan Biagas
 From:    Tijuana, MExico
 Comments:    Just wanted to thank you guys for uploading such a smooth loading, informative site. It’s excellent graphics and easy navigation make it wonderful and I bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here most helpful. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I found it very interesting to read other people’s comments about your site.
  Friday July 15th 2005, 23:42
 Name:    Kim Tigerstedt
 From:    Finland
 Comments:    Very nice site.
  Saturday April 16th 2005, 15:42
 Name:    AJ WAGG
 From:    Welland, Ontario, Canada
 Comments:    Your yacht club is impressive. Perhaps we will sail together one day.
  Thursday February 17th 2005, 20:40
 Name:    John
 From:    Denmark
 Comments:    Impressing site you have!!
  Wednesday November 24th 2004, 01:13
 Name:    Edward Drake
 From:    Cincinnati Ohio, USA
 Comments:    Great web site. Good information. Thanks a lot.
  Friday November 12th 2004, 10:58
 Name:    Robin
 From:    Beijing,China
 Comments:    an excellent website with a lot of information. we are looking for some partnership to help us operate Yacht Club in China. For it is a brand new business in China where a huge potential market exists. Any club managers who are interested in China's Yacht market, please contact me via email.
  Friday October 29th 2004, 21:04
 Name:    Erik Halleus
 From:    New Smyrna Beach, Florida
 Comments:    Southward Bound Lipton Cup regatta. Visit www.smyrnayachtclub.com ,and come and take part in our international cruising boats regatta November 12-15, 2004. Lots of fun!Ankra utanför vårt hus. N 29° 01’, W 80° 55’. Nordiska hälsningar från Erik Halleus
  Tuesday October 5th 2004, 13:44
 Name:    Yuriy
 From:    Russia, Sainkt-Petersburg
 Comments:    Very interesting site. Thank you. A photos of Sainct-Petersburg's yachts on a site http:\\drujan.narod.ru\index.html.
  Monday August 30th 2004, 17:26
 Name:    webmaster
 From:    Sverige
 Comments:    Westerås Segelsällskap har bytt adress till www.wss.se. Jag kunde inte hitta någon sätt att kontakta dig vilken borde finnas. Mvh /P

Email adressen finns bl.a. överst i alla listor. Mvh, Johan
  Tuesday May 4th 2004, 00:16
 Name:    Bengt Irhammar
 From:    Ängelholm
 Comments:    I very god job! Helpful for me as a pin-collector.
  Friday April 30th 2004, 13:34
 Name:    Randy Roper
 From:    Seattle
 Comments:    Great site. Getting a custom 60 ft'er built for next year.
  Thursday February 26th 2004, 22:25
 Name:    Erik Halleus
 From:    New Smyrna Beach, Florida
 Comments:    My name is Erik Halleus and I am Governor and Head of the Racing Committee at Smyrna Yacht Club, Florida. Check out our web site www.smyrnayachtclub.com and our South Bound Lipton Cup Regatta November 12-15, 2004. Fun race on your way to the Caribbean. Contact me for more information. Svenska pratas!
  Monday February 23rd 2004, 20:05
 Name:    Jack Mclellan
 From:    England
 Comments:    Hello I have not been able to find an english language site and would like some advice about sailing to your waters and visiting the artic circle. All replies welcome. Best regards Jack
  Sunday February 8th 2004, 14:39
 Name:    Lagoon View YC
 From:    USA
 Comments:    Great site. Enjoyed the visit. Best wishes for the '04 season. http://lagoonviewyachtclub.org
  Wednesday November 26th 2003, 22:08
 Name:    Pirken Hammer
 From:    Czech Republic
 Comments:    Please see the following site which might be interesting for your sailing club http://www.pirken-hammer.com/polundra/index.html
  Thursday October 16th 2003, 14:29
 Name:    Eva Oksanen
 From:    Helsingfors, Finland
 Comments:    Det var trevligt att läsa dessa sidor. Kanske du kunde läggat till ännu http://www.pursiseurasindbad.fi.
  Sunday September 28th 2003, 12:55
 Name:    alan bennett
 From:    UK
 Comments:    I am trying to trace the 25 foot Vertue 'Tanera', that I last saw ashore in a yard near to Oslo airport in 1990. Can y0u help me in any way?
  Friday August 29th 2003, 18:58
 Name:    Rey
 From:    Panaman
 Comments:    http://www.marinetradingservicesco.com Your Complete Guide in World Wide Yacht Delivery
  Tuesday August 12th 2003, 11:10
 Name:    Johan Lindberg
 From:    NJK, Finland
 Comments:    Now over 700 yacht clubs with Internet pages in the Nordic countries. Again, if you come so far that you read the guestbook, please sign the guestbook and let me know what you thought about this site!
  Friday July 11th 2003, 11:54
 Name:    Ross
 From:    New Zealand
 Comments:    had a great time cruising your site. Please visit; http://www.exhibit-it.8m.com Content can be published by first contacting sales@exhibit-it.8m.com for pricing info etc.
  Monday June 23rd 2003, 23:06
 Name:    Stefan Gustafsson
 From:    Sweden Yacht Club Sextanten
 Comments:    Hello Johan, I have recieved your mail and the link to your WEB site. I have scanned the WEB site and i think it is very nice and you have a good structure. I will publish a link to your WEB site on our next update, scheduled for 1-2 July 2003. Best regards Stefan
  Sunday June 22nd 2003, 03:37
 Name:    David
 From:    USA
 Comments:    Hi, I have on offer for sale the domain name BluewaterYacht.org If you are interested you may contact us at bizmogul@yahoo.com. Best Regards, David
  Monday June 9th 2003, 12:21
 Name:    Johan Lindberg
 From:    NJK, Finland
 Comments:    The new domain www.nordicyachtclubs.com was activated. Please let me know you were here! It inspires me to keep this site alive!

Regards, Johan
  Sunday April 8th 2001, 03:12
 Name:    Carl-Haakan Lundin
 From:    Ribeirão Pires SP , Brazil
 Comments:    Intressant och fyllig hemsida.Lycka till!
  Thursday March 22nd 2001, 23:54
 Name:    Åke Bohlin
 From:    Karlskrona , Sweden
 Comments:    Wondering if there is someone who could give me all sorts of information of the motorsailer Endurance 45.
  Monday April 17th 2000, 11:11
 Name:    Paul Wied
 From:    Stockholm , Sweden
 Comments:    Hi, Just looking at the sites on boating.
  Sunday February 6th 2000, 01:42
 Name:    Keith Storey, Alexandra Yacht Club
 From:    Toronto , CANADA
 Comments:    Hi: I am looking for information about Kaarina Yachts. We are looking at a Kaarina 37 motorsailor and would like to know if any one knows the boat or the builder. Is it a quality boat? How does it compare to the Nauticat 38? Thanks so much.
  Wednesday October 6th 1999, 20:27
 Name:    Santtu
 From:    of Dalsbruk , Finland
 Comments:    Doing Heavy Weather Sailing in the Archipelago of Finland! Äntligen är hösten HÄÄÄRR!!! Martti Santavirta, Stallbacksvägen 6, 25900 Dalsbruk
  Tuesday September 14th 1999, 14:55
 Name:    Lauri Rahikainen
 From:    Espoo, Finland
 Comments:    If you are interested in wooden sailboats, then here is a little tip. Sites of Weekend-classed boats: www.hut.fi/~lrahikai/weekend And hopefully someone will someday do websites for Soukan venekerho...
  Friday September 10th 1999, 03:17
 Name:    Eric Beck
 From:    Oxnard, California , U.S.A
 Comments:    Just lookin through and seein who in here. currently in So. Ca. anyone wanting a ride while in town drop a line
  Wednesday June 9th 1999, 14:53
 Name:    Jonas Lundquist
 From:    Göteborg , Sverige
 Comments:    Mycket bra hemsida. Jag hittade dock inget om Andungar som är min klass. Min site är liten men kanske kan vara ett strå??? Jonas
  Monday May 31st 1999, 08:55
 Name:    Martin Ericsson
 From:    Helsinki , Finland
 Comments:    Kunde man ev. ta fram en separat sida även för klassförbundena i Finland Snyggt och verkligen informativt. Lycka till.. Martin
  Friday May 28th 1999, 10:33
 Name:    Michael Vilén
 From:    Åbo , Finland
 Comments:    Bra och informativa sidor, fortsätt. Förslag: T.ex. sidan Magazines har för mycket grafik. En textbaserad sida eventuellt med små logon för tidningarna är OK. -- Micke
  Tuesday May 18th 1999, 16:24
 Name:    Tapio Lanki
 From:    Helsinki , Finland
 Comments:    Nice, informative pages for a "foreigner"!
  Wednesday May 12th 1999, 15:06
 Name:    Peter Lindberg
 From:    Åbo , Finland
 Comments:    Hälsningar JOHAN, även jag har börjat medarbeta i FRISK BRIS mva Peter Lindberg/ Skärgårdshavets sjöfartsdistrikt
  Wednesday May 12th 1999, 10:22
 Name:    Charlotta Karlsson
 From:    Hangelby , Finland
 Comments:    Faktiskt bra, informativa och snygga sidor!!!!!!!!:)
  Wednesday May 5th 1999, 19:30
 Name:    Jan Neumann
 From:    Wismar , Germany
 Comments:    hello from Germany!
  Friday April 30th 1999, 15:48
 Name:    Kimppa
 Comments:    http://www.dlc.fi/~hss/ fattades tydligen från din hemsida! HSSare.
  Friday April 30th 1999, 15:27
 Name:    Kimppa Arnold-Larsen
 From:    Ljusterö , Sweden
 Comments:    Läste din artikkel i Frisk Bris, bra. Bilden av båttidningarna lockade in hit. Keep up the good work.
  Wednesday April 7th 1999, 12:15
 Name:    Carolina Ramstedt
 From:    Helsinki , Finland
 Comments:    Hej Johan hur går det? Hälsningar Carcci.
  Tuesday April 6th 1999, 10:28
 Name:    Andy Nyström
 From:    Esbo , Finland
 Comments:    Bra jobbat!!!
  Monday April 5th 1999, 18:24
 Name:    Kim Tigerstedt
 From:    Helsinki , Finland
 Comments:    En trevlig vår och sommar åt er alla !!
  Thursday April 1st 1999, 23:12
 Name:    Fam. Feinik
 Comments:    Jätte trevligt... Glad Påsk. H: Carola, Johny, Riki, Mickus o Magnus
  Friday February 19th 1999, 22:14
 Name:    Nils Bohman Ström
 From:    Stockholm , Sverige
 Comments:    Jag tycker bara att det är kul att skriva i andras gest böcker
  Monday February 8th 1999, 09:51
 Name:    Kari Wilen
 From:    Esbo , Finland
 Comments:    Imponerande! Grattis till hedersomnämnande i Vene. Kunde man tänka sig att du vore intresserad av att nu och då relatera och berätta om www-sidor i Frisk Bris?
  Tuesday January 26th 1999, 04:51
 Name:    Krzysztof Nowak
 From:    Lublin , Poland
 Comments:    It's great. You must go on.
  Sunday June 7th 1998, 17:42
 Name:    Mikael Lindberg
 From:    Nikkilä , Finland
 Comments:    Kom gärna och titta på MIN hemsida, tack Hälsningar Mikael L efter segeltur med Kalle på Etti till Helsingfors
  Tuesday June 2nd 1998, 22:24
 Name:    Kim Weber
 From:    Helsinki , Finland
 Comments:    Nice work Johan! I am impressed!
  Tuesday May 26th 1998, 21:05
 Name:    Daddy
 From:    Finland
 Comments:    Very, very nice, ISAF= International Sailing Association en "must" link
  Monday May 18th 1998, 02:15
 Name:    Johan Lindberg
 From:    Helsinki, Finland
 Comments:    Guestbook opened. Please enter your comments or suggestions here